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Cue card 2: Family and Friends


Describe someone in your family who you really admire.

You should say:

Who is s/he

How often you see this person

What you do together

and explain why do you admire this person.


Model Answer 1: I have got a small family that has only five members and all of us love each other and we have a strong bond. It’s hard to pick the one I admire most among them. Well, if I have to choose someone, it would be my mother. I would like

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نمونه مصاحبه آیلتس به همراه پاسخ


Part 1 – Introduction


Do you work or are you a student? A. I have been working as a medical laboratory technician since July 2013.


What is difficult about your job? A. I am dealing with the human for their sample diagnosis and analysis every day. So there is no scope of error and the job requires utmost dedication and sincerity. In my opinion, no scope for any mistake in my job is the most difficult part.

Would you recommend your job to someone else? A. Yes, I would love to do that. This job really satisfies me. Every day I am helping people and this gives me an immense pleasure and a sense of fulfilment. The medical report done by me can help people prevent serious diseases, such as lung cancer, at the very early stage. My job also helps improve public health. For example, I was one of the technicians to provide the results of people body check last year. From this regards, I

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سئوالات speaking آیلتس ۲۰۱۸

۲۰۱۸-۰۸-۲۳: Part 1 (Sri Lanka)

  1. Do you like to check maps?
  2. Do you ever take courses to learn how to read maps?
  3. When did you learn to use maps?
  4. Who taught you how to use a map?
  5. Do you prefer using electronic map or paper map?
  6. Did you ever try asking others for directions?
  7. Do you think maps are helpful? How?

۲۰۱۸-۰۸-۲۳: Part 1 (Sri Lanka)

  1. Do you like gardening?
  2. What do you know about plants?
  3. What kind of plant do you like?
  4. Do you like to grow plants at home? Why?
  5. Do you like to have plant as a gift?? Why?
  6. Have you plant anything when you were a child?
  7. How do you look after them?
  8. Do you have any knowledge about fertilizers?

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کیوکارد آیلتس ۱

Describe someone you know who is a good cook. You should say: • who this person is • how you know him or her • what kinds of foods s/he cooks and explain why this person is good at cooking.

Sample Answer :

To be honest, I’m a terrible cook. But I love eating and food acts as a major need and mood buster to me. I’m going to talk about my mom who is an amazing chef.

I have never enjoyed any meal in the world in a similar way that I enjoy the dishes made by my mother. She is a legendary cook and she has a huge popularity in the family for making delicious cuisines. She is also a pro in managing the kitchen and the kind of food she makes is amazing and worth trying. I always wonder that she secretly takes training for the same. But in reality she actually learnt cooking after she was married and was in charge for cooking for the entire family. She is a chemical engineer and she always had a knack for learning new and challenging things. My mother was born and raised in a suburban area and got married when she was 2