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Advantages and disadvantages of the new approach in teaching

Advantages and disadvantages of the new approach in teaching

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about ۴۰ minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

In the past, lectures were the traditional method of teaching large numbers of students in a classroom. Nowadays new technology is increasingly being used to teach students.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this new approach in teaching?

Sample answer:

Concerning the issue of using technology as an alternative tool in education, some people do support this mater because of its benefits. However, others have opposite ideas. In this writing, both sides of this debate will be analyzed before reaching any conclusions.

From the one side, a plausible argument of supporters is that teaching by technology will being many benefits to all students in many aspects. First of all, it can be said with certainty that it takes less time to study at school. This is surely a positive feature because all classes can be held online so student just needs to download files lessons or homework on PC and studying. That is convenient for student who lives far away from school or in other countries. Second of all, a special consideration in this case is that accessing to learning resource. This is undoubtedly positive since some schools lack the resources to provide all of the courses that student may need.

Advanced placements and foreign language courses can be particularly expensive for a school system to offer when there is not a high level of student demand. A variety of technologies, for instance, interactive television, Internet videoconferencing,…provide student the opportunity to participate in a class that is located in a different school, in a different town and even in a different state or country.

From the other side, those who disagree point out that there are a couple of shortcomings. Firstly, one of the disadvantages is that education is human activity. This is a clear limitation because students work best with as much human interaction as possible. Secondly, student who does not have the the technological skills required may not adapt to the use of this education tools. A further handicap may be source of funding. This is obviously negative because technology costs money.

Taking everything into account, for the above reasons, I firmly believe that the benefits of using technology as a learning tool outweigh its possible dangers. Therefore, I do totally support teaching by technology.

Model answer 2


The mode of teaching has undergone serious changes over the years. Unlike the traditional lecture halls, in which a large number of students were given instructions, virtual classrooms have emerged. As a coin has too sides, this trend too has both advantages and disadvantages.

 The most tangible advantage is that it saves invaluable time, both for the students and for the teachers. For example, in case of a student, he can save the time of travel and referring to a vast amount of physical books. In case of the teachers, if they prepare a particular presentation in a perfect manner, they can just present it to multiple classes, with periodic upgradations. The second advantage for this new pattern is that it can reach out to a diverse student population at the same time, no matter where there geographical locations are with the most sophisticated technological excellence.

Turning to the flip side, the physical presence of a teacher seems to be an essential factor of an effective learning process. To be precise, when there is less involvement of a teacher in the knowledge acquisition process, students tend to get diverted, and this would delay the active learning. Teachers, when they are not directly involved in the teaching process, would find it difficult to understand their attitude towards the subject, and make changes appropriately. For example, it is seen that the performance of most online students and distant stream students is mostly below par when compared to regular students in a classroom.

To conclude, it is true that changes which are made in the field of education has brought many positive changes. However, it has darker sides too.

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