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Cue card 15: When you played an indoor game with others

Cue card ۱۵: When you played an indoor game with others

Describe an experience when you played an indoor game with others.

You should say:

  • when it was

  • what game you played

  • who you played with

and explain how much you enjoyed playing this indoor game.

Cue card 15: When you played an indoor game with others

 Cue card 15: When you played an indoor game with others

Model Answer:
I never really thought that an indoor game could be as exciting as playing a game in the outdoor, and so I never really showed that much interest in it. But, one day about a couple of years ago, when one of my friends insisted that playing indoor table tennis was going to be really fun, I thought that it was worth giving a try.

Anyway, my friend knew it very well that I have always loved playing table tennis. In fact, I even used to be champion sometimes when playing in inter-school table tennis tournament back in the days as a high school student. But, as I started my university years and then entered into the professional world, I started to distance myself from all kinds of leisure activities, including table tennis. Besides, finding a suitable table tennis playing partner wasn’t really that easy either, especially, when you are moving to new places and live there for professional reasons.

So, for a while, I thought that I had almost lost my touch with my favourite sport until my friend one day told me that I could practice playing table tennis at an indoor facility which was not too far away from where I lived. Besides, there was an extra incentive to go and play table tennis in that indoor facility as the indoor facility authority was offering a specially-designed t-shirt to every table tennis player. Apparently, they were trying to make the indoor table tennis popular among the general population. So, finally, I did go to that indoor facility and played my favourite game with a couple of amateur players who impressed and surprised me with their table tennis skills.

Anyway, I must say that I enjoyed playing that indoor game a lot since we won against a couple of amateur players. Besides, it also allowed me to meet some arising table tennis stars in my country and learned important tips about table tennis from them. Besides, I also liked the fact that I was given a couple of nice t-shirts because of taking part in that game and winning it.



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