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Cue card 23: a person who impressed you the most

Cue card 23: a person who impressed you the most

Cue card 23: a person who impressed you the most

Cue card 23: a person who impressed you the most

Cue card 23: a person who impressed you the most

Describe a person who impressed you the most when you were in primary school.

You should say
Who he/she is?
How you knew him/her?
Why he/she impressed you the most?
And how you feel about him/her?

Model Answer:

Everyone has a special person in their life whom they look up to. Some consider their father or other family member as their role model, whereas others look up to some special person who fascinates them the most. It all comes down to an individual’s personal choice. Here I would like to talk about a person who inspired me the most when I was in primary school. He was my maths teacher. His name is Kapil Sharma. He started teaching me when I passed my 10th standard. he taught us for two years. He was my favourite teacher in the school. there were many reasons for it. firstly, he was really friendly and always made us comfortable in difficult situations. Despite being a math teacher, he was also a good mentor to us. he taught us to never lose faith and always keep trying no matter what are the circumstances. He was a very health-conscious person and had a really good physique. He used to follow a strict diet. he was very punctual and guided students to always respect time. Everyone in the school loved him from the heart because of his humbleness. his way of teaching was very easy to understand, he never made study look difficult for us. His aura is really optimistic. Even the school principal use to ask for his opinions while making important decisions. now when I think about my school, I always remember him. he was also one of the reasons I loved my school. I am also in contact with him now and whenever I feel like talking to him I call him. he is still that mentor for me. I am really glad that he is still there to guide me as he did in school. so this is the person who impressed me the most in primary school.

Sample answer 2:


On our tutoring days, we meet and accept counsel from numerous individuals. In any case, there are a couple of individuals who encourage us, and we usually look for glimmers of motivation from them.

I had the fortune of meeting a surprising character in my adolescence, and as per me, he is the most noteworthy individual I have ever met.

Who he/she is?

He is my bosom friend Michael.

How did you know him/her?

After passing the 5th standard, I had to change my school. The reason was the promotion and transfer of my father to another city.

In my new school, Michael was my classmate.

Why he/she impressed you the most

From the day I had met him, he became my role model. Before meeting him, I used to be an unorganized person, however, under his company, my personality went through a dramatic change.

On one of our school trips, he was my roommate. While staying with him, I got convinced that he was the epitome of discipline.

Every day from morning till evening, he would do every task with a plan.

After waking up, he would make his bed, and he would reach the class 15 minutes in advance to set the table, chairs and whiteboard so that our teachers could provide us seamless learning.

Under his aegis, I understood the importance of paramount discipline in my life.

And how you feel about him/her

Michael’s company changed the trajectory of my life, and whatever success I have achieved in my life, I owe it to him.


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