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Describe a time when you were sleepy but had to stay awake.

IELTS Cue Cards:

Describe a time when you were sleepy but had to stay awake

You should say:

  • when it was and where you were

  • why you were sleepy

  • why you had to stay awake

and how you stayed awake at that moment

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Describe a time when you were sleepy but had to stay awake
Model Answer:
Waiting for someone is bad enough as it is, but, it is even worse when you have to wait a long time for somebody to arrive while trying to keep yourself up and awake. But, that’s just exactly what I had to do – that is to stay awake and wait while feeling sleepy – about a year ago at one of my cousin’s home in my hometown.
However, up until that way, I never really thought that I would have a problem keeping myself awake, no matter what the situation was. But, I was proved wrong when my cousin and his wife asked me to look after their 4 years old kid as they were going out of the town for an important job. Needless to say, I gladly agreed to their request, but little did I know then that their 4 years old was so handful and difficult to reason with.
Of course, the first couple of hours were ok, but as more time started to pass, the little 4-year-old boy got restless. In fact, he started to run all over the place in his house while playing with virtually everything there. Soon, I realized that I was not strong and energetic enough to keep up with that little boy. Anyway, things went like this for about a few hours and then suddenly I started to feel sleepy. I guess that I was getting tired, trying to run after that boy every now and then during that busy evening. But, at around 11 pm, I felt like I couldn’t keep myself awake any longer, but I couldn’t leave the little unruly 4 years old alone either. Another hour had gone by like this until my cousin and his wife arrived to rescue me out of my misery.
I tried to keep myself awake on that night by watching some TV programme. But when watching TV was not working, I tried to wash my eyes with some cold water to keep myself awake. Sometimes, I was doing some light exercises to keep my eyes opened while also playing with the little boy at the same time.
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